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A Vending System Like No Other

Vending system attracts customers like a magnet. Business offices, health clubs, hospitals, hotels, schools & colleges
everywhere love having it on their premises.

The Equipment

Vending Machine

It's not just a snack machine, our EV-8 Combo is both. With both combination snack and beverage machines, along with full

The Product

Vending Machine

Eazyvend fills its machines with the most popular products on the market. Additionally, upon request, we can cater to

Who We Are?

At Eazyvend we can supply you with machines that are capable of vending a variety of both drinks and snacks. We are able to offer most of the popular leading brands.

Eazyvend is a experienced provider of vending machines and services to businesses and operators Australia wide. With over 20 years combined experience in the vending industry, our company provides excellent customer service and professionalism in vending machine sales, service and operation to businesses.

Our vending services include sales technical support, repairs and free of cost vending machine installation. For onsite service our day to day operations include maintenance and regular restocking. We provide customized service in a variety of products for each individual business and ensure availability of all top brands for your workplace.

At Eazyvend we have years of experience and industry knowledge, providing a variety of machines for your requirements. Our machines can be individually configured to meet our customers individual needs and to provide convenience and save your employees valuable time. Our machine are equipped with the latest GPRS Remote Monitoring systems to monitor stock levels in our vending machines thus making sure you will never run out of your favourite snack or drink.

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