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Our Machines

Our range of combination machines are designed and manufactured to represent the highest of quality and reliability.

Our machines are equipped with:

  • high tech standard features for faultless user friendly operation
  • MDB standard interface, Support RS232
  • NRI coin changer, ICT bill acceptor, GPRS remote monitoring system
  • easy to read LCD display, power efficient LED lighting
  • adjustable temperature ranging from 4 degrees to 12 degrees
  • R134A Refrigeration system, dual guarantee product delivery system
  • high quality steel construction for superior strength and durability
  • high product capacity fully adjustable shelving system
  • user friendly micro computer, data management system for easy checking of sales data
  • self fault diagnosis and full view safety glass door for complete product display.
Combo Vending Machines
Cold Drink Vending Machines
Snack Vending Machines
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