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Eazyvend Service

At Eazyvend we don't just supply vending machines we also provide full service and repair. With years of experience in all the major brands.

If your machine has stopped working and has any technical problems, Eazyvend will resolve the problem for you.


Q) Is there any cost for the location?
A) Our vending machines are installed at no cost to your business.

Q) Can our business choose what products the vending machine will vend?
A) Yes, you can choose any product in the market as long as it can fit in the machine.

Q) Do your machines take notes as well as coins?
A) Yes, our machines will take notes as well as coins.

Q) What is the lead time to fix machines if its not working?
A) All service calls are handled and taken action on same day basis policy.

Q) Are your machines insured?
A) Yes, all of our machines are insured.

Q) How long would it take to receive the machine after we order it?
A) We can deliver and install the machine 5-7 working days after receiving an order request.

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